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In the Episcopal Church there is room for your questions about God, faith and the church.  If you are looking for a Christian community that will nurture your spirit and celebrate your gifts, there’s a place for you here.

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Come and see.

Our church is grounded in an ancient heritage that finds contemporary expression in worship and service that are alive to the realities of daily living in today’s world.

Shared worship and prayer.

We come together weekly to praise and thank God, to hear God’s word and to pray for ourselves and others.

Our services are a living story.  As Jesus invited us, we gather, as around a family meal table, with bread and wine, to celebrate his risen presence and to be renewed and strengthened for the work God gives us to do.

Shared leadership.

Everyone participates in the worship, ministry, leadership and governance of the Episcopal Church:  lay people from all walks of life; women and men who are ordained to serve as priests and deacons; and women and men who are elected and ordained to serve as our bishops.  Lay people, clergy and bishops make up the representative governing bodies of our church and together determine its policies, programs and budgets.

Shared service in the world.

We gather together as a church and we are sent to be that church in the world, answering God’s urgent call together.  Our work in the world is reflected in our daily lives and our many ministries:  with children and families, with young adults and elders, with those who are hungry, homeless, poor, sick or in prison.  We are called to minister in places of need in our cities and to work together to bring about social and economic justice, at home and abroad.

Shared mission.

Our mission as the Episcopal Church in eastern Massachusetts is to be an inviting, forming, sending and serving community.  By that we mean that we are committed to showing one another how God’s love crosses boundaries of race and class, generation and language; to working, studying, praying and giving in order to grow in faith; to encouraging one another to take our faith into our daily living; and to sharing God’s love, justice and peace through our words and action, at home and throughout God’s world.

Join us!

We are 180 congregations in cities and towns throughout eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the islands.  Our congregations make up our diocese, and our diocese is part of the wider Episcopal Church, which in turn is part of a larger, global community of Anglican Christians.

Welcome.  There is a place for you here.