Independent Schools

The Diocese of Massachusetts is committed to educational opportunity for everyone. Although Epiphany School, in Dorchester, and Esperanza Academy, in Lawrence, are independent of the Diocese, their mission of educating children from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds is fully in line with the vision of the Diocese.

Epiphany School

Epiphany is an independent, tuition-free, middle school for children of economically disadvantaged families from Boston neighborhoods. We admit children of diverse faiths, races, cultures, and cognitive profiles, believing in the Episcopal tradition that we find God in and through each other's presence.

Epiphany's small classes, individualized curricula, and extended school days provide rigorous academic, moral and social instruction. In close partnership with families, we are an innovative learning community that affords structured support to help students thrive. Together, we are a school that never gives up on a child.

Epiphany challenges students to discover and develop the fullness of their individual gifts. We seek to prepare graduates who will contribute intelligently, morally, and actively to the society they will inherit.

Visit Epiphany School's web site for more information.

Esperanza Academy

The Esperanza Academy is a free-tuition Episcopal middle school for girls in the city of Lawrence. Founded as an independent school in a partnership of Grace Church, Lawrence, and Christ Church, Andover, the school opened its doors in September 2006 with 40 students in grades 5 and 6. At full enrollment the school will have 80 students in grades 5-8.

Based on the Nativity Model for inner city education, Esperanza cares for the mind, body and spirit of its students through rigorous academic preparation, athletic and other enrichment programs, daily chapel, low student-teacher ratios, parent or care-giver involvement in the school, one-on-one tutoring and ongoing relationships with our students through high school and college.

Esperanza has and needs many more partners in the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts in the form of volunteers, financial support and in-kind donations. For more information about how you or your parish can get connected to Esperanza, visit our website. To arrange a visit to your parish by Laurie or one of Esperanza's board members, call Laurie at 816-838-9316.