Local Church Partnerships: An Epiphany Workshop Series

Why should a church enter into a partnership with another local church? This four session series is designed to help parish members answer this vital question.

The series is one of both action and reflection. The lessons assume that we learn best when we learn through a combination of action, discussion, and quiet reflection. Each session has particular activities that are as important to the learning process as the discussion questions. The participation and engagement of all learners is vital and should be fostered throughout the sessions. These activities are corporate in nature, requiring the participants to work together rather than in isolation. This encourages deeper conversation because there is a deeper connection among the learners. It also reflects the reality of mission work: many must work together to serve Christ in the world and to live ever more deeply into the Spirit of God.

The guide is divided into five sections:

  • A Guide for Leaders
  • Session I: By Another Road
  • Session II: Sent Out Together
  • Session III: A Second Look
  • Session IV: All Things in Common