Deep sorrow, abundant gratitude: A message from Bishop Gates about Bishop Shaw

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Together we raise our prayers of deep sorrow upon the death of Bishop Tom Shaw, SSJE.  That sorrow is woven together with prayers of abundant gratitude for his life and love.

The people of God in this diocese and beyond have been richly blessed by the gift of his leadership, the breadth of his vision, the depth of his spirit, and the warmth of his companionship in Christ.

Receiving the diocesan crozier from Tom on September 13 was for me a singular and daunting honor; receiving his hug and prayerful gaze at the same moment was the blessing I needed to accompany that symbol of responsibility.  That, of course, is how Tom was with all of us--challenging us at one moment to live up to the demands of our baptismal covenant, assuring us in the next moment that we are known and loved and that God’s grace will ever suffice.

To the risen life in Christ which Tom proclaimed so powerfully in word and deed we now commend him, eternally and gratefully.

In thy mercy, O Lord, grant him a safe lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last.

Faithfully and fondly,

+ Alan

The Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates