Diocesan offices closed April 19; Bishop asks for continued prayer

The diocesan and cathedral offices at 138 Tremont Street in Boston are closed today, April 19, due to ongoing police activity related to the search for and apprehension of Marathon bombing suspects.  The MBTA system has been shut down, and residents of Watertown, Cambridge and several other surrounding communities are being asked by law enforcement to stay indoors. 

Bishop M. Thomas Shaw SSJE sent the following message to clergy and diocesan leadership this morning:

"Given the ongoing police activity that you are no doubt seeing on the news, I want to let you know that we have been in touch this morning with our chaplains at MIT and Harvard, and with the clergy and wardens at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Watertown, and everyone there, as well as at Episcopal Divinity School, are safe, as far as we know.

"Please pray for all in the affected communities, and pray for a speedy and violence-free resolution to these disturbing events.  Keep watch, Lord, with those who work or watch or weep this day."