Evangelism under 30

What do young adults value deeply? How do they experience their faith journeys? What are their perspectives on faith, spirituality and the church? The diocese’s Relational Evangelism Pilot Project is a ministry designed to find out.

HopeInActionRally Members of the diocese’s Relational Evangelism and Micah Project intern programs rallied young adults for a “Hope in Action” economic justice campaign at Trinity Church in Boston in April.

"We are viewing evangelism as a spiritual practice emanating from our deep gratitude for God's presence in our lives. It is my hope that the young adults involved in this ministry will see the good news in each other, find the community they are searching for, and embark on a spiritual path that will engage them more deeply with God, each other, and the world," the program’s director, the Rev. Arrington Chambliss, says.

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