"Imagine Embracing Brave Change": Everyone invited to join the mission strategy conversation

Last fall, the Diocesan Convention adopted a new mission strategy that calls the people and congregations of the Diocese of Massachusetts to embrace brave change by reimagining congregations, building relationships and engaging the world.

The Mission Strategy Implementation Organizing Team is now at work with the bishops, Diocesan Council, Budget Committee and others to evaluate and align financial, staff and other resources with the specific goals and actions outlined in the mission strategy and to develop a sequenced plan for their implementation.

While that work is ongoing, the team is encouraging individuals, congregations and ministry groups to help one another become more familiar with the new mission strategy and find their own connections to it:  How will we share our faith and shape our common life for a future with hope?  How will we work across difference to build each other up in love?  How will we seek justice and peace with neighbors near and far? 

In a short video, Bishop Alan M. Gates invites everyone to imagine these things. AMG Imagine Video

"Imagine these things in your own thoughts and prayers.  Imagine these things, as you read the Bible and as you read the news," he says in the video.  "Imagine these things, in conversation with other members of your congregation or ministry groups.  Imagine these things, in conversation with others outside the walls of your church.  Imagine embracing brave change, as we live into our new mission strategy, with God's help, and the companionship of one another!"

In support of these local conversations, the video, a discussion guide and a series of three bulletin inserts are available at www.diomass.org/new-mission-strategy.  Copies of the materials, along with a poster, have been mailed to all congregations.

Learn more about the new mission strategy at www.diomass.org/new-mission-strategy.