New assessment formula in place for 2018

The diocesan Treasurer’s Office distributed 2018 assessment calculations to congregations on June 1 using a new assessment formula adopted by Diocesan Council in April.  The new formula is a response to requests from congregations for assessment relief, voiced during the mission strategy listening process, and its goal is to achieve a 10 percent decrease in total assessment income to the 2018 diocesan budget.

The previous formula, in use since 2010, calculated a parish’s assessment at 15.5 percent of expenses reported three years prior (the most recent parochial report data available at the time the calculations must be made), minus a $6,000 deduction.  

The new formula for 2018 is progressive.  It applies three increasing percentages to expenses:  0.15 percent to the first $0-$50,000 of expenses; 14.5 percent to the next $50,001 to $500,000; and 15.5 percent to any additional expenses above $500,000.  Mission congregations are assessed at two-thirds the amount that would be assessed if they were parishes.

More information is available here.

An Assessment Coordinating Committee (a committee of Diocesan Council) is in place to receive inquiries from congregations whose circumstances may warrant some adjustment to the 2018 assessment.  All such requests should be sent to the committee through Laura Simons in the Office of Convention and Council ( by Friday, July 7.

Questions may be directed to Gerry Sullivan in the diocesan Treasurer’s Office (617-482-4826, ext. 554 or