Boston Globe: Grace Medford's 1885 organ restored to original splendor

Drawing from Psalm 50:23,“Whoso offereth praise glorifieth the Lord” is inscribed in calligraphy on the 1885 organ in Medford’s Grace Episcopal Church.

Since its installation more than 130 years ago, the E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings organ has been touched up now and then, including a conversion from mechanical to electric in the 1950s. But last April marked the beginning of a much-needed total renovation, the first the organ has ever received.

The renovation, done by David E. Wallace & Co. Pipe Organ Builders of Gorham, Maine, came to a close last month with the final tuning. David Wallace, his son Nick, and associate Jake Hanin had been working on the organ for almost a year. Now the walnut wood gleams, and the keyboard pegs match the original font of 1885.

“You could write a 400-page book about what goes into this,” Nick Wallace said.

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