News & Observer: New bishop takes helm of Episcopal Church in central NC

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Dressed in a simple white robe, Sam Rodman stood at the front of Duke Chapel before the leader of the Episcopal Church, who asked the 1,000 congregants in attendance if Rodman should be ordained the bishop for the central North Carolina diocese that includes Charlotte, Greensboro and the Triangle.  “That is our will,” they said in unison.

And shortly after, Rodman was consecrated as the 12th bishop for a diocese with 50,000 members spread across 111 congregations and 10 campus ministries in 38 counties. He was handed a series of attire reflecting his new role: stole, chasuble and mitre.

He told the congregants of a quip he made when asked whether the promotion would change him: “I said, ‘No, I’ll be the same person with a bigger hat.’ ”

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