Taunton Gazette: National Day of Remembrance brings together those who have been hurt by opioid epidemic

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People of different ethnicities, incomes, ages and beliefs poured into the Trinity Episcopal Church in Bridgewater Sunday night, Jan. 29. Although these people come from many different backgrounds they were all gathered for the same somber reason: Each person there had been affected in some way by the ongoing opioid epidemic.  "Addiction does not discriminate," said Tara Lane, whose older brother Jeffrey Lane, of Brockton, lost his battle with addiction in 2016. "The people that struggle with addiction are people just like you and I." Jan. 29 was the National Day of Remembrance, which honors, helps and brings together community members and families that have lost loved ones to drug addiction.  "We want this to be a lasting image of hope," said the Rev. Natasha Stewart. "There is still light even in darkness."

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