Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Presidential hopefuls challenge religious faithful to walk a fine line

Bishops from both the Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts Episcopal dioceses two weeks ago lead followers on a rainy seven-mile pre-election walk from Northboro to Southboro. It was billed as an opportunity for adults to get the youth perspective.

"The grasp of the issues by our young people was really impressive," said Bishop Douglas J. Fisher who heads the Western Mass diocese which includes most of Central Massachusetts. "It struck me that this election is shaping their future and the consequences of our decisions will be with us for a big part of their lives. We all agreed that our faith informs all that we do, including how we vote."

Bishop Alan Gates of the Massachusetts diocese said one of the takeaways for the young people was the sense that differing opinions on the issues might constitute a Christian response, but indifference does not. "Voting and advocating for your faith-based convictions are acts of Christian stewardship and ways of loving your neighbor as yourself," he said.

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