Regional Wardens Day: Plymouth

Christ Church
149 Court Street
Plymouth, MA
United States

See map:

Regional Wardens Days are a new offering this year designed to equip wardens for leadership through studying and praying together, reflecting on successes and challenges, sharing resources and building collegiality with other wardens. These opportunities are a response to the diocesan mission strategy’s call to bring resources to congregations and support lay leadership. Wardens are invited to note the applicable gathering for their region and save the date:

• Southern Region: Saturday, March 7 at Christ Church (149 Court Street) in Plymouth (register online here);
• Northern and Western Region: Saturday, March 28 at the Parish of the Epiphany (70 Church Street) in Winchester (register online here); and
• Central Region: Saturday, May 9 at Trinity Church (414 Sumner Street) in Stoughton (register online here). 

Questions may be directed to Jennifer Garrett at or 617-482-4826, ext. 421.