Building Bridges Veterans Ministry Network Gathering

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Building Bridges Flier Feb 2021

Building Bridges is a veterans ministry network founded by the Diocese of Western

Massachusetts five years ago to create communities that enable the trust and camaraderie inevitably lost when soldiers and military personnel come home. Working with the Diocese of Massachusetts, Building Bridges is now expanding into the eastern part of the Commonwealth. 

Please join on Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. for a webinar with retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John Paradis, Bishop Alan Gates of the Diocese of Massachusetts and Bishop Doug Fisher of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts to discuss the multifaceted reality of the veteran experience and potential ways to involve the rest of us in bringing greater health to veterans. A tenant of Building Bridges is that the suffering experienced by veterans is not that of a separate population, but is a reality affecting all of us, and for which we are all responsible

Register for the webinar here.

Please contact Martha Gardner, Missioner for Networking and Formation, in the Diocese of Massachusetts at to learn more about the network.