Eucharistic Visitor Training

Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Boston, MA
United States

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This course meets the training portion of the requirements established by the Diocese of Massachusetts for licensing as a Eucharistic Visitor. A two-person team, consisting of a member of the clergy and an experienced Eucharistic Visitor, will introduce participants to the history and practice of this important lay ministry. It is recommended that the sponsoring Rector attend the same session if he/she has not participated in a training course during the past three years. (For more information about the requirements for licensing as a Eucharistic Visitor, consult your Rector.)

To register, complete and return the registration form, available on the Eucharistic Visitor Training page. 

Questions or comments should be directed to Connie  Melahoures

Phone: 508-746-3805 / 508-367-0516



Registration deadline: April 19 

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Cathedral Church of St. Paul