Labyrinth Walk

Church of the Holy Spirit
204 Monument Road
Orleans, MA
United States

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The Church of the Holy Spirit is fortunate to have a beautiful canvas labyrinth for use as a prayer tool. Themed meditative walks with selected music and theological focus are offered on the second Friday of every month in the parish hall.

The first of the scheduled monthly labyrinth walks in 2018 is focused on the theme "Deep Listening."

Dr. Margaret Rappaport, Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator, will offer a perspective on striving to center oneself through contemplation and active meditation. She will suggest some lessons in listening deeply so as to open oneself to the presence of God.

The Rev. Anne Koehler will present a prayerful opportunity to focus on the theme before the walk. She will help participants secure their insights with a closing prayer.

Darlene T. Hagon, Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator, has selected Epiphany music to enhance the January theme. She will also array the labyrinth with banners, icons and religious symbols to support the theme. A Raphael print of the Madonna and Christ Child donated by parishioner Peg Skelly will be featured on the labyrinth.