Practical Aspects of Congregational Leadership Seminar: Year-End Closing

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The diocesan Congregational Consultants are planning a series of monthly Zoom calls on the practical aspects of congregational leadership.  These will include topics of interest to vestries and particularly to wardens and treasurers. 

The December session will focus on "What to Do in December and January" in terms of year-end closing issues, and will be offered twice, on Tuesday, Dec. 1 and again on Saturday, Dec. 5, each from 9 to 10 a.m.

Topics will include:  clergy housing allowances; retention of an auditor; review of the chart of accounts and the budget format; allocation of particular transactions to the year ending or the following year (backdating transactions); the year-end reconciliation; prepaid pledges; adjustments needed to produce an accurate balance sheet; and preparation of the financial statements to be presented at the annual meeting.

The sessions will be led by Terry Robinson, a diocesan congregational consultant, parish auditor and principal author of the Treasurers' Handbook available on the diocesan website.

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Sessions will be recorded for later access.