Bishop's Blog: A song we are meant to sing

A sermon given at the Clergy Vow Renewal Service, Holy Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, by the Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates

"...The Gospel which you and I have been given to preach, the sacraments which you and I have been entrusted to mediate, the reconciling love which you and I have been charged to embody – these are the song we are to sing.  They are at once its melody and its lyrics.  And if there is anything which can bring our world back from its dark places of despair and despondency, it is this song.

"In today’s Gospel reading the Gentiles famously said, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” [John 12:21]  The world needs to see Jesus.  The world needs to see a beauty that is eternal, a truth that is not cynical, a love that is sacrificial.  In a moment we will renew our vows.  We will promise once again to be diligent in prayer, and study; wholesome in our lives; compassionate in our pastoring; faithful servants to those in need.  May I ask you also to promise to sing?

"I hope that as deacons, priests, and bishops of the church, you will sing.  Sing with music, or without.  Sing quietly to yourself, when you need it.  Sing out strong to your people, for their encouragement.  Sing out loud to the world, for its healing.  Sing a song of grief this week – for we know sorrow, and so does our God.  Sing a song of hope next week – for we proclaim resurrection. Sing out a song of beauty, truth, and love to a world that is scared half to death, a world that seems to have lost its mind, a world that needs to see Jesus."

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