MA bishops join faith and science appeal for action on climate change

Bishop Alan M. Gates of the Diocese of Massachusetts and  Bishop Doug Fisher and the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts joined Cardinal Sean O'Malley and other faith leaders and scientists on May 23 for the release of a joint appeal for action on climate change.

"Motivated by the climate crisis, we come together as people of scientific competence and people of faith because continued inaction is both scientifically irrational and morally indefensible," the appeal says. 

"All of us--religion, science,  business, labor, government, education, civic organizations, communities and individuals--must do our utmost to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect our communities from the catastrophic impacts of climate change.  We especially call upon our political representatives to address the climate crisis with the boldness and urgency it requires, with substantive and immediate action."

See the full letter and list of signers at

Climate change press conference Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts photo