Standing Committee announces bishop search consultants and Nominating Committee co-chairs

Nominating Committee co-chairs Diane Wong, Linda Ouellette, William Boyce Courtesy photos Nominating Committee Co-Chairs: The Rev. Diane Wong, Linda Ouellette and William Boyce

The following letter from the Standing Committee was issued on July 19, 2023, as an update on the bishop search and election process, including announcement of the hiring of search consultants and the naming of Nominating Committee co-chairs.

July 19, 2023

Summer greetings from the Standing Committee.  
Over the past six weeks, the Standing Committee has prayerfully and intentionally engaged in the work of shepherding the bishop search and election process. One of the first decisions was to hire a consultant to guide the diocese through the entire process. We were ultimately blessed with more than one consultant, and we’re delighted to introduce to you the supporters that the Holy Spirit has brought to help us with the task at hand. They are Judith (Judy) Stark, who has consulted on more than 20 bishop searches since 2009, and two apprentice consultants: Marsha Adell, from the Diocese of Connecticut, and the Rev. Geof Smith, a deacon in the dioceses of New Hampshire and Vermont (and formerly Massachusetts). 
Toward the end of June, we began the process of forming a Nominating Committee (formerly named Search Committee) by accepting applications. Approximately 40 applications were received from members of our laity and clergy. We have also been developing a timeline to use as a guiding tool to keep all that is in front of us visible. It is clear that much of the work - such as listening sessions, surveying, and creating a profile - will happen during the busy church program year.

Consequently, the Standing Committee has adopted a co-chair model for Nominating Committee leadership. The following three co-chairs have been called:  The Rev. Diane Wong of St. John’s Church in Arlington, Linda Ouellette of St. Michael’s Church in Holliston and William Boyce of Grace Church in New Bedford. Thanks be to God, they said yes. Together and individually, they have extensive knowledge of this diocese and have served the diocese in a variety of ways. Fully constituting the Nominating Committee and calling a chaplain will conclude in the very near future. For all who have applied, thank you for your patience. Rest assured, we will be in contact with you as soon as practicable.

Needless to say, communication is key. The Standing Committee wants to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible. To this end, a page on the diocesan website dedicated to the bishop search has been established at for people to access key information, such as the forthcoming timeline and milestones. In addition, the Standing Committee welcomes e-mail inquiries at


Louise Gant, President
The Rev. Kathryn Elledge, Vice President