Standing Committee invites Bishop Transition Committee applications by Nov. 15

The diocesan Standing Committee on Oct. 31, 2023, issued the following invitation for applications from those interested in being considered for appointment to the Bishop Transition Committee.  Applications, via an online form linked below, are due by Nov. 15, 2023.  Questions should be directed to

Oct. 31, 2023

The diocesan Standing Committee, which oversees the bishop search process that is underway, invites applications from those interested in being considered for appointment to the Transition Committee. Applications, via this online form, are due by Nov. 15.

The work of the Transition Committee encompasses:

  • Welcoming the nominees for bishop put forth by the Nominating Committee and ensuring that they have a lively, thorough and authentic experience of the people, congregations and communities which comprise the Body of Christ here in this diocese through a week of "Meet and Greets" in early May;
  • Coordinating with diocesan staff the Special Electing Convention on May 18, 2024;
  • Providing support and logistics for the bishop-elect and their family following the election and their transition to the diocese;
  • Offering post-election pastoral connection and care to all the nominees;
  • Arranging a celebration and thanksgiving for the ministry of Bishop Gates; and 
  • Coordinating with the Consecration Committee, Episcopal Church staff and diocesan staff regarding support and logistics for the Oct. 19, 2024, consecration and the Oct. 20, 2024, seating of the new bishop.

Attendance at a day-long opening Transition Committee retreat on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024, is expected.

The work of this committee invites a particular set of gifts from its members, namely:

  • A high level of detail-oriented organization;
  • An appreciation of logistics, especially around event management and community gatherings;
  • A commitment to excellent hospitality towards nominees and members of the diocesan community;
  • The willingness to problem-solve quickly, creatively and diplomatically;
  • Comfort with multitasking, communication and subcommittee work done via e-mail and internet (Zoom, document sharing, scheduling programs, etc.);
  • The ability to work well with others, both with those who are on the committee and those from representative congregations;
  • An abiding love and appreciation for the breadth and depth of diversity of this diocese;
  • A sense of humor and the capability to see grace in this work.

All who are interested in being considered for appointment to the Transition Committee are invited to apply by Nov. 15. 

Click here for the application form.

Questions should be directed to

Introducing new Standing Committee leadership:  The recently concluded Diocesan Convention marks a change in leadership on the Standing Committee. 

Serving as new president is the Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman and, as new vice president, Grace B. Knowles. They offer heartfelt thanks and much gratitude to outgoing president Louise Gant and vice president the Rev. Kathryn Elledge, whose terms have now been completed, for their gifts and work.

The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman serves as University Chaplain for Episcopal Ministry at Boston University and Assisting Priest at Trinity Church in Boston, and is a General Convention deputy. Grace Knowles is a member of St. Andrew's Church in Ayer and the diocesan Racial Justice Commission subcommittee supporting BIPOC communities and individuals and is co-founder of APIA (Asian Pacific Islanders Association).

Find the full Standing Committee roster, including newly elected members, here.

Let your voice be heard: Online survey is open until end of day Nov. 1

The Nominating Committee invites everyone in the diocesan community to participate in an online survey. The survey is available in English and Spanish here, and is open through Nov. 1.

"This survey is designed to gather information from the larger Massachusetts Episcopal community to inform the work of the Bishop Nominating Committee," the survey introduction says. "Specifically, the information provided in this survey will help the Nominating Committee to both write the diocesan profile and to determine which qualities to seek in the candidates for the next bishop."