Boston Globe: Cats, dogs, and caterpillars — Oh, my! Trinity Church holds annual blessing of animals

Trinity Church’s Sunday morning service appeared to be just like any other except for the bevy of four-legged worshippers in attendance for the annual “Blessing of the Animals.”

The annual ceremony was held on the church’s west porch in Copley Square with pets ranging from dogs and cats to guinea pigs and stuffed animals. A 5-year-old girl even brought her pet caterpillars.

The blessing coincides with the Feast of St. Francis, known as the patron saint of animals and the environment, which falls on Oct. 4, according to Trinity Church rector, the Rev. Morgan Allen.

The importance of pets became pronounced during the pandemic, Allen said in an interview.

“Pets are really important for many of us, and during the pandemic perhaps even more acutely,” he said. “People have valued the time that they’ve spent at home with their animals, and so the opportunity to bring them out — we’re not the only ones who’ve been isolated, you know — to socialize the pets too is a lot of fun.”

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