Boston Globe: Episcopal bishop brings message of love from royal wedding to Boston

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry has a message about living a life guided by love and generosity, a life of giving more than you take and thinking of others before yourself.

He’s aware that some may tune him out.

“Christians go to church, they expect to hear something about love,” Curry said in an interview Saturday morning. “You can almost go on autopilot and turn it off — until you stop and think about, what are we really talking about?”

Curry is bringing his “Way of Love” message to Greater Boston this weekend, with visits to cities such as New Bedford and Lawrence — where he heard from families affected by last fall’s natural gas explosions, a schedule stacked with events for young people.

At a rally on Boston Common early Saturday evening, Curry urged more than 100 people — young and old — to love.

“Love is the way,” he said in an energetic talk that lasted about half an hour. “That’s what Jesus came to tell us. That’s what he came to show us. And that’s what I believe this world, and this time in this country, and in this global community — I believe that is the message I know I need. And I got a feeling you do too.”

Curry is the Episcopal Church’s first African-American presiding bishop and its CEO — he jokes that the initials stand for “chief evangelism officer” — and the 66-year-old’s passion for spreading the message is evident in his seemingly unflagging energy.

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