Cape Cod Times: Falmouth children package free clothes and snacks for people in need

A cluster of bags hanging from a tree might seem strange, but it is part of a calculated community effort to keep the town warm during the long winter.

Sunday school students at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church have put together bags of hats, gloves and snacks for those who might need them, joining a larger project started by a Falmouth resident more than a decade ago.

When Lori Burridge started hanging hats and scarves from trees in Peg Noonan Park in 2008, she did not expect it would expand to a communitywide project. But what started with about 30 bags being hung has expanded to more than 350 bags with the help of other Falmouth residents.

This is the first year that children from St. Barnabas have gotten involved in the project.

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