Cape Cod Times: Somber atmosphere blankets Barnstable during annual 9/11 ceremony

There was a somber quietness as people gathered outside the Barnstable Fire Station. Cub Scouts, police officers and firefighters all lined up by the fire trucks, shoulder to shoulder, as the American and Barnstable flags were held side by side.

The traditional ringing of bells echoed through the air, signifying the fallen first responders, and there was a moment of silence for all the lives lost. People then followed a bagpipe player on a walk toward St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, where the second part of the ceremony would take place.  

The Barnstable Fire Department and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church hosted a 9/11 ceremony on Saturday to honor those who died on that horrific day 20 years ago, while using the events of that day to provide guidance to Americans today. 

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