Enterprise News: Bishop Michael Curry brings a touch of royalty to Brockton church

The presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, best known for his passionate sermon at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle last year, brought his message about the unifying power of love to Brockton on Sunday.

The Most Rev. Michael Curry drew fanfare at the Grace Chapel Episcopal/Anglican Church and The First Evangelical Lutheran Church. He delivered a sermon that touched upon the need for peace through the love of God, especially in light of religious hatred and bigotry that has resulted in shootings at places of worship, including at a San Diego-area synagogue on Saturday at the end of Passover, on the heels of the mass slaughter of Christians at churches in Sri Lanka last weekend and the massacre of Muslims at the mosque in New Zealand in March. Curry remarked on how Jesus twice told his disciples, “Peace be with you,” after appearing to them following the resurrection, and how that should be taken as a reminder to society.

“When the Bible repeats itself, it’s like when your momma repeats herself. It’s worth paying attention to,” said Curry, preaching his sermon at the 900 Main St. church in the Campello section of the city, where he was joined by several other bishops. “I don’t think that’s an accident. I think God’s trying to tell us something. ... What that love of Jesus did for them in the first century can still be done for us in the 21st century.”

Curry was greeted Sunday morning with flowers and church members seeking selfies outside of Grace Chapel Church, which is shared with The First Evangelical Lutheran Church. Curry was hosted by Rev. Moses Sowale, along with the pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church Brockton, the Rev. Jeffrey Johnson.

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