Falmouth Enterprise: Let's all be ministers of engagement

When I described “Falmouth Cares” in a column just after we initiated the show in late March, I called it “a virtual meeting of the minds and sharing of experiences designed to help those impacted by COVID-19 understand and access help that’s available.” I am so very grateful that it has been that but has become so much more because of the guests who have joined us and shared their thoughts and their hopes for a better Falmouth.

This week, the Reverend Nell Fields from the Waquoit Congregational Church and the Reverend Will Mebane from St. Barnabas Church joined us. When asked when and how things might go back to the way they were before, Rev. Will simply but poignantly offered that he hopes they don’t. With all of the anger, hate, and hurt that defined much of our interactions, he offered a loving admonishment to put our “hearts in quarantine” and reflect on what a better Falmouth future might be—not financially, but humanely. 

Watch the panel discussion here.

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