Patriot Ledger: Father Bill's feeds hundreds of hungry people in Quincy

From the kitchen, Dennis Bates peeked at the crowd of hungry people enjoying the meal he’d been preparing for hours. The Stoughton resident was back at Christ Episcopal Church on Quincy Avenue for the annual Father Bill’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner. His 27th year providing hearty meals to the homeless and to the residents who have nowhere else to go, he said he’s been in their shoes before. Bates was a “resident” at the Quincy-based homeless shelter in 1990.  “I was scared, I was living in my truck,” said Bates. “I’ve been helping here ever since.”

Around 200 people attended the dinner at Christ Church in Quincy.  John Yazwinski, the president and CEO, said the organization hopes to make sure no one is alone or hungry on Thanksgiving.

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