Wicked Local Provincetown: Wellfleet modernist church acts locally

The Chapel of St. James the Fisherman is only open in the summer, but the members who worship in this modernist building donate half the church’s income to year-round causes.

Founded six decades ago and designed by a leader in the Cape Modernist Movement, the chapel has a long tradition of giving back to the Cape. The church held its second annual outreach fair on Sunday by inviting nonprofit group leaders to discuss their work with the congregation. Last year, the church gave out $30,000, said the Very Rev. Tracey Lind, who is the priest-in-charge.

“I spent time catching up on reading this summer, reading Richard Powers amazing book ‘The Overstory,’” Lind told the audience. “The author describes a 7-year-old who knows most of the world is a present to him. I invite you this morning to think about this phrase in the context of the Outer Cape. Have you ever thought of the Outer Cape as a present to live or vacation here? I think of it as a gift. All the rest of you are stewards and keepers of one of God’s most holy gifts."

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