Wicked Local Stoughton: Youngster looks to spread food boxes around town

Trinity Episcopal Church in Stoughton is sponsoring a “Blessing Box.” Like the “little library” boxes around town, these are popping up around communities to help those who struggle with food insecurity. Blessing Boxes don’t cure food insecurity, that’s for certain. But they are there to help those who are unable to meet their everyday food and personal needs. They are designed for neighbors to support neighbors in our community.

Recognizing that food insecurity affects millions of individuals per year, including individuals from our own community, Adalina Tucker, 10, brought this amazing and heartfelt ministry to Trinity, Stoughton. A Blessing Box is a small, often handmade structure in which people leave donated goods for others to pick up anonymously. Located in a common area, people are filling them with items that will help those in need--everything from non-perishable food to toiletries.

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