Community vegetable garden soon to grow in Saugus

Plans are emerging to create a community vegetable garden on property owned by St. John's Church in Saugus, after the Rev. John Beach, priest-in-charge at St. John’s, met with local resident and agricultural expert, Laura Eisner.

St. John's Church, Saugus Courtesy Photo St. John's Church, Saugus

"Inspired by [Eisner's] knowledge and love of the fruits of the earth, we called a small meeting of local residents to attend a Zoom meeting to consider how we might contribute to the reconstruction of our community after COVID," Beach said in a news release. "What emerged was the vision of establishing a community vegetable garden on property owned by St. John’s Episcopal Church."

The church has designated a quarter-acre plot which is well suited for growing, and several members of the Saugus Garden Club have offered their expertise. Local residents have also been contributing financially to the project for the purchase of seeds, mulch, fertilizer and equipment.

"The fruits (pun intended) of the garden is twofold," said Beach in the release. "First, it will provide local fresh produce to those who are financially vulnerable. Second it provides an opportunity for the citizens of the town to become a community again in an outdoor activity which provides for physical distancing."