Grace Chapel, Brockton celebrates 12th anniversary

Grace Chapel Brockton 12th anniversary celebration graphic

Grace Chapel in Brockton, a mission congregation of the diocese, invites the diocesan community on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, at 10 a.m. for a celebration of its 12th anniversary.

"Meeting people where they are and journeying together to become like Jesus, Grace Chapel has built a beloved community while supporting children through the Brigade Youth Program and empowering women through the Abigails Women's Program. My greatest joy has been the opportunity to watch children grow and see individual lives transformed over the last 12 years," the Rev. Moses Sowale, Grace Chapel's vicar, said by e-mail. "We celebrate the beauty of our uniqueness in Christ while breaking down the walls created by our differences."

Grace Chapel began with a small group of people in 2010 before the closing of St. Paul’s Church in Brockton. The ministry obtained space at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, where it continues to reside, and was made a mission in union with the Diocese of Massachusetts in 2018.

Sowale described Grace Chapel today as an "intergenerational community of liberals and conservatives. Black, white and brown. Immigrants and citizens. We are multilingual, praying and worshiping in many tongues. We wrestle with the complexity of our times together. Our roots are in Episcopal and Anglican traditions. We open our arms wide to Pentecostals, Evangelicals and people who simply identify as Christians. Our worship is both quiet and contemplative, loud and charismatic. We make the most of every opportunity to celebrate, have fun and enjoy the companionship of our siblings in Christ. We are grateful for resources from the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and the wider Anglican Community. Our relationship with the international community grew during the pandemic as we reached more children, women and men online."

Warden Rachel Yerokun added that Grace Chapel is where people come together "for the same goal of wholeness."

E-mail to RSVP for the anniversary service and celebration.