"Lights of Advent" display to brighten the lives of Falmouth residents

Lights of Advent Onjalé Scott Price

Beginning Nov. 29 through Epiphany (January 6), St. Barnabas's Church presents the "Lights of Advent"-- a colorful display designed to brighten lives of Falmouth residents and visitors during these dark times of the pandemic. 

Advent lights Will Vaus

“We all need a bit of joy in our lives right now. Celebrating Advent is one of the most important traditions of the Episcopal church,” said The Rev. W. (Will) H. Mebane, Jr., rector of St. Barnabas's Church. “Our parishioners and staff decided we wanted to make this Advent special for the community,” he said. “Dozens of church members have worked hard to decorate our historic buildings and grounds, creating an extravagant panorama of scenes that display the beauty of the season throughout the St. Barnabas campus.”

A "festival of lights" will illuminate the church windows, Memorial Garden, parish house, labyrinth, trees, paths and lawns. A traditional Christmas tree stands in the Memorial Garden, with a circle of donated Christmas trees decorated with memory lights greeting visitors as they enter the church grounds.

Messages of joy, hope and love--offering encouragement to visitors--will be placed throughout the campus. To remember family or friends, people are invited to donate tree lights for $15 a strand by contacting the church office at 508-548-3863.

For more information, please contact the church office at 508-548-3863.

Christmas tree falmouth The Rev. Will Mebane