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What can you do?

  • Individual Actions
    • Go outside. Look. Listen. Pray for the Earth.
    • Plan an energy fast such as a 5-minute shower, Meatless Mondays, riding to work or turning down the home thermostat a few degrees.
    • Get a free home energy assessment with Mass Save.
  • Church Community Actions
    • Pray and talk about what your church can do for creation care. What are the next three steps?
    • Set 2019 goals for energy conservation such as scheduling a free energy assessment with Mass Save (business program). It offers free and/or subsidized energy efficiency actions including sealing basements, programmable thermostats and rebates when appliances are replaced with Energy Star options. 
    • Budget for energy efficiency improvements like energy efficient windows, updating heating and cooling systems and replacing light fixtures and bulbs.

Creation Care and the Jesus Movement:

Join in answering the call of Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry to be a part of the Jesus movement in our churches, communities and world: by committing to love our neighbors and all creation as God loves us.

All are invited to focus prayer, special worship services, study, spiritual formation, advocacy and commitments toward reducing carbon emissions in our churches, our homes and our communities. A team of creation care advocates and ministers in the diocese has prepared a tip sheet of resources to help. The diocesan staff contact person for these resources is Jennifer Garrett (  

Creation Care at State House 2018 Courtesy photo On March 26, 2018, Episcopalians were among the 100-150 people gathered outside the Massachusetts State House to speak, sing and pray about the moral call to address climate change.  They followed their rally with lobbying legislators, urging them to stop new fossil fuel use and find sustainable opportunities.

    Creation Care Justice Network

    Clergy and lay people working together to help churches and communities care for creation through embracing sustainable practices and providing support and ideas for reducing the church’s carbon footprint--saving dollars and the earth; experiencing the outdoors; and preaching about interconnectedness with the natural world. 

    This network is asking for help in improving how the creation care work is communicated, and invites you to complete this survey, which should take less than five minutes.

    Creation Care Initiative:  Green Loans 

    Green Loans provide low-interest loans of up to $100,000 that enable congregations to make energy-efficient changes to their buildings.

    These programs have been supported by funds raised through the diocese's Together Now campaign.  

    • Green Loans are awarded on a rolling basis. 
    • Congregations interested in applying for Green Loans will find more information and application materials on the Grants and Loans page.

    Additional Resources

    Creation Tithing Primer: A workbook of resources for Creation Tithing, a program for houses of worship and their members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% each year through a dedicated focus on reducing the worst consumer-generated emitters.

    Website for Reviving Creation Care – Margaret Bullit-Jonas

    New Diocesan Fossil Fuel Free Fund announced

    EcoChurch website for additional ideas and resources.

    Episcopal Church "Climate Change Crisis" webcast on demand and facilitator's guide

    Looking back at five years of creation care

    Green grants help churches plan for a sustainable future

    Sun-powered stewardship: Solar panel usage in the Diocese of Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light: Offers specialized training and energy assessments based on energy use patterns of houses of worship. Fees for Energy Assessment are charged on a sliding scale. Ask in advance for details.