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St. Peter's Church, Weston, MA

Our diocese has answered the call to join God's mission in the world in ways and places as varied as our history is long, and we continue in the unfinished legacy of loving and sacrificial service as God's hands and feet, God's heart and voice in this increasingly interconnected but still broken world.  Congregations throughout our diocese are crossing boundaries of all kinds as we seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.  We do this through the mission outreach projects and initiatives of individual congregations and chaplaincies in places near and far.  We also do it through partnerships of congregations and organizations, often supported by diocesan resources.

Resources for congregations

The Office of Global Mission is one of several diocesan resources developed to support congregations throughout their respective global mission journeys.  Staff are available to assist with:

Refugee resettlement ministry

Workshops and informational meetings with vestries and outreach committees

Sermons and volunteers willing to witness to their global mission experience

Congregational discernment for mission

Recommendations of global partners

Churches looking to collaborate

Solutions for small churches

Grant preparation

Trip preparation

Reflections during and after trips

Global mission book suggestions  


Global mission is coordinated by the Jubilee Global Mission Committee, which consists of six members appointed by Diocesan Council every three years, along with six members elected from the grants and communications subcommittees and each of four geographic networks formed by congregations throughout the diocese (Africa, Haiti, Latin America and the Middle East).


A tithe of $2 million from our diocesan Together Now fundraising campaign is strengthening our capacity for mission at all levels through Mission Tithe Matching Grants that congregations can use to develop and support their mission partnerships and projects outside the Diocese of Massachusetts.  In addition, several Mission Tithe Council Grants were awarded between 2012 and 2015.

Support team

Laura Walta serves on the diocesan staff as the project director for global mission, a part-time position funded by the Together Now campaign.  She administers the grant programs and offers resources and logistical support for effective execution and sustainment of mission partnerships around the world.  The Rev. Holly Hartman is the deacon appointed for global mission partnerships.  She provides facilitation during congregational discernment and spiritual guidance throughout the mission experience. Lauren Zook is the global mission administrator.

Knowing that successful mission experiences depend on a balance of both spirit and logistics, they work together to ensure that congregations have access to all of the resources they might need.  They welcome inquiries from congregations that have questions, concerns or needs regarding a current global mission project, or those that are just beginning to think about engaging in mission beyond the diocese.  


Laura Walta at or 617-482-4826, ext. 422. 

The Rev. Holly Hartman at or 617-482-4826, ext. 351

Lauren Zook at or 617-482-4826, ext. 306