Merrimack Valley Mission Hub


Merrimack Valley

Mission Statement

The Merrimack Valley Mission Hub ministers to youth at risk in the gateway cities of Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill, providing creative afterschool programming that includes tutoring, music lessons, theater, culinary arts and family nights, as well as Montessori-based education and social services. 


Grace Church in Lawrence has developed a multigenerational theatre group that provides opportunities and access into a supportive and creative atmosphere for community youth.  The parish has also begun a basketball program for both boys and girls.

St. John’s Church and St. Anne’s Church in Lowell have focused on afterschool tutoring, cooking and theatre.  Local teachers currently serve as mentors to the program.

The program director at Trinity Church in Haverhill has built on the success of the parish’s Academy of Creative Arts at Trinity (ACAT) program.  Neighborhood youth have access to piano, violin and guitar lessons as well as chorus, theatre and art. The new FEAST program (Fun and Enrichment After School at Trinity) provides Montessori-based afterschool care.

Esperanza Academy has hired a full-time social worker to work with academy students and youth throughout the mission hub. The goal is to enhance opportunities for a more stable home environment.

The hub has renewed each parish as it connects with local neighborhood youth in new and exciting ways.

Partner Parishes and Organizations 


Brian Raiche:

Dr. Janet King, Trinity Haverhill Program Director: or 978-372-4244, ext. 4