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Mission Statement

Currently, four North Shore congregations—St. John’s Church in Gloucester, St. Peter’s Church in Beverly, Grace Church in Salem and St. Stephen’s Church in Lynn—offer hub outreach programs.  The hope is to build relationships and expand the capacity of all 15 of the North Shore Episcopal congregations and programs. 

The North Shore Mission Hub gives the urban parishes of the North Shore deanery the opportunity to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our midst and provides opportunities for partnerships in mission with the other North Shore congregations.  Already, each congregation has stories to tell of transformative moments in ministry.

St. John’s and Grace plan to expand their existing choir school programs.  St. Stephen’s will launch Kids in Community Afterschool as an expansion of its summer program.  In addition, Grace has established a companion relationship with the Bowditch School, and its members will work with teachers, students and families to support and encourage learning with the fourth grade class through its middle school years.  They hope to encourage other faith communities to take on subsequent Bowditch fourth grade classes so that educational outcomes might be improved in this underperforming school.

St. Peter’s Church plans to expand its feeding ministry to respond to increased family homelessness and hunger in its community.  And, with hub support, the Grace Center—an interfaith ministry of hospitality to homeless and lonely people in downtown Gloucester—has hired an outreach worker to coordinate and expand social services and advocacy.  The hub plans plan to provide leadership development trainings and spiritual enrichment retreats and open a North Shore Life Together young adult fellowship program in September 2017.

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