Co-rectors Cheryl and Paul Minor celebrate 20 years of ministry at All Saints', Belmont

The Rev. Cheryl Minor and the Rev. Paul Minor celebrated 20 years of ordained ministry at All Saints' Church in Belmont on Sunday, Sept. 17. The husband and wife co-rectors were honored with a service and festive luncheon that included time for the congregation to share memories of how God has been at work in the congregation over the years. The Rev. Margery Kennelly, Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard, was the guest preacher. 

Cheryl is an internationally known Godly Play expert and plays a significant role minors 20th anniversary Courtesy Photo Giving thanks for the work of the Spirit: The people of All Saints', Belmont in the Godly Play foundation.  Paul has served as a chaplain in the National Guard for 20 years, and All Saints' has supported the Minors during two overseas deployments and a deployment to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina.

Recent developments at All Saints' include a Montessori School, which provides an opportunity for the congregation to leverage its Godly Play resources for pastoral and evangelistic outreach, and a community-based Godly Play program that offers mid-week sessions for children outside of the parish.  The congregation is currently in the process of installing a large array of solar panels.  For the past several years the congregation has worked closely with the Mission of Hope in Haiti, sponsoring a class at its school and hosting the missioners' child for two years of high school. The congregation successfully completed a cooperative capital campaign in support of the diocesan mission hubs.  All Saints’ gives thanks for the ongoing work of the Spirit in the congregation.