Grace Church, North Attleboro supports WWII memorial swimming pool

Grace Church in North Attleboro is reaching out to the community to help keep the World War II Memorial Swimming Pool open this summer while honoring fallen veterans.

The Rev. Phillip Kutta will be conducting a special church service at Grace Church on Sunday, May 31 at 10 a.m., with music, prayers, songs and patriotic fellowship to honor all veterans who gave their lives in service to our country.  May 31 is the traditional Memorial Day observance.

The service will also pay tribute to the WWII veterans who upon returning home from the war donated their separation-of-service pay to the town to benefit the children of North Attleboro. The result was the WWII Memorial Swimming Pool.  Fred Fish, a 92-year-old parishioner who served on the Pacific front, will be a special guest of honor. State Representative Betty Poirier, other World War II veterans and the Attleboro police chief will also be among the attending guests.

A special collection will be taken and donated to Make A Splash, the nonprofit group that raises money to keep the pool open each summer after budget cuts threatened to close it permanently a few years ago. State Representative Poirier and concerned residents became involved with ongoing fundraising efforts to keep the pool in operation through Make A Splash.

All are welcome for this community event to help spread the news and support efforts to keep the pool open.

For further information, contact Beverly Horne at 508-369-5222.