Mission Initiatives Funding

The Mission Initiatives Committee, a committee of Diocesan Council, is now accepting applications from congregations and diocesan-sponsored organizations for financial support through the annual diocesan budget.

The application is attached below.  Applications are due by May 15, 2019, and should be e-mailed to the diocesan grants administrator, Lauren Zook, at lzook@diomass.org

To qualify for this financial support, the congregation or organization must:

• Support ministries that reimagine congregations.

• Support outwardly focused ministries that serve communities and engage the world.

• All congregations and programs should explicitly bring the Gospel to life.

If the congregation or organization has been considered a strategic ministry in the past or is currently receiving strategic ministry funding through the diocesan budget, it is not eligible to apply for this money.

If the congregation or organization has been or is currently a strategic ministry, it will be asked to participate in the strategic ministries hearings and evaluation process and will have an opportunity to apply for 2020 funding as a part of that process.

Questions may be directed to the Rev. Rebecca Blair at 508-558-6849 or rhbstandrewsnb@gmail.com.