General Convention

General Convention , the Episcopal Church’s bicameral governing body, meets once every three years to set the direction of the church’s mission and ministry, worship and liturgy, policies and budget.  Each diocese elects and sends up to four clergy and four lay persons to the House of Deputies--comprising more than 800 members total.  The House of Bishops comprises the church’s approximately 300 bishops.

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The 80th General Convention, in Baltimore, Md., is currently being redesigned as a shorter, smaller event due to COVID-19 precautions. 

The new revised dates are July 8-11, 2022.

Online legislative hearings open to all

Find the calendar of online legislative hearings, now underway, here,
and sign up (two business days in advance) to observe or give testimony here.

Diocese of Massachusetts Deputation

Diocese of Massachusetts deputies to General Convention are:

  • Byron Rushing, St. John St. James Church, Roxbury
  • Betsy Ridge Madsen, Church of the Advent, Boston
  • William C. Boyce, Grace Church, New Bedford
  • Brian Litzenberger, Trinity Church, Concord
  • The Rev. Edwin Johnson, St. Mary's Church, Dorchester
  • The Rev. H. Mark Smith, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston
  • The Rev. Chris Wendell, St. Paul's Church, Bedford
  • The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman, Trinity Church, Boston and Boston University

Alternate deputies:

  • Vacancy (first lay alternate)
  • Sue Perkinson, Church of St. John the Evangelist, Duxbury (second lay alternate)
  • Kevin Miller, Epiphany Church, Walpole (third lay alternate)
  • The Rev. Isaac Martinez (first clerical alternate)
  • The Rev. Tamra Tucker, The Crossing, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston (second clerical alternate)
  • The Rev. Debbie Phillips, Grace Church, Salem (third clerical alternate)

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