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Alcohol Use Policies

Including the Diocesan Alcohol Use Policy and a template to use as a guide in creating a parish alcohol use policy.


Each congregation in union with our Diocesan Convention contributes to our annual diocesan budget in support of our common mission and ministry.  The attached document provides more information and the formula for calculating the upcoming year’s assessment.

Bishops’ Visitation Guide for Children

This booklet provides information and fun activities for children, for use with bishops’ visitations.

Book Study

Book Study 2013:  The Rich and the Rest of Us

This study guide has been prepared to help congregations undertake a diocesanwide reading and study project in Lent, or at any time during the year, focused on the book The Rich and the Rest of Us by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. 

Business Practices Resources

Guidelines and resource documents prepared by the diocese’s congregational consultants regarding business practices.

Clergy Licensing Guidelines

In accordance with Episcopal Church canons, the Diocese of Massachusetts requires that all deacons (transitional or vocational) and priests wishing to officiate in this diocese must be licensed. This document contains revised guidelines for obtaining a license.

Compensation & Benefits Resources for Congregations

Guidelines and resource documents provided by the diocesan Committee on Compensation and Benefits.

Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Massachusetts

The canons (church laws) under which the Diocese of Massachusetts operates.

Digital Communication and Social Media Guidelines

This document provides guidance to clergy and congregational leadership in their use of digital/electronic technology and social media.

Diocesan Budget

The Diocesan Budget, as voted by Diocesan Convention in November of each year for the following calendar year.  Other Diocesan Convention materials are available via the Diocesan Convention page.

Diocesan Convention Actions

A summary of actions taken by the annual Diocesan Convention.  Other Diocesan Convention materials are available via the Diocesan Convention page.

Flu Season Precautions

Basic guidelines for congregations regarding precautions to take during flu season.

Grants and Loans Programs

A document summarizing diocesan grants and loan programs.  Please visit the Grants & Loans section for information about individual programs.

Guide for Parishes in Transition

A guide to help congregations through the process of transition in clergy leadership.  Questions may be directed to the Rev. Dr. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa, Director of Transition Ministry, at or by phone at 617-482-4826 ext. 400.

Guide to Acquisition, Sale & Encumbrance of Church Real Estate

This guide provides guidance, instructions and checklists related to the process for obtaining diocesan approval from the bishop and Standing Committee for transactions involving church real estate, such as purchases and sales of rectories and consecrated grounds, significant leases and loans secured by a lien on church property.

Guidelines for Deacons

Policies and guidelines for the pastoral and liturgical ministry of deacons in the Diocese of Massachusetts.

Guidelines for Delegates to Diocesan Convention

This document provides a brief summary of the role and responsibilities of Diocesan Convention delegates, with excerpts from the Constitution and Canons.

Investment Policy Statement

This investment policy statement presents guidance for the financial management of the investment funds of the Diocese of Massachusetts in a way that upholds the values, beliefs and mission of the diocese.  Stewardship of financial resources calls for balance, thoughtful deliberation and choices between competing alternative paths for carrying out the mission work of financial management. This document is intended to ensure that the ensuing process and outcome will faithfully serve the people and the congregations of the diocese and the wider world.

Leadership Reporting Forms

These Leadership Reports and Lay Delegate Certification Forms are distributed annually to collect updated church, clergy and lay leadership contact information.  Congregations are asked to send updated information requested in the forms and return them to the Office of Convention and Council within 10 days of their annual meeting as required by diocesan canons and no later than March 30.  Questions may be directed to Laura Simons, Administrator of Council and Convention, at or 617-482-4826, ext. 406.

Letters of Agreement

These Covenants of Ministry (Letters of Agreement), for use by congregations with newly called/appointed clergy, are customizable models that contain recommended provisions to strengthen the clergy-congregation relationship and clarify practical arrangements.

Prayer Cycles

The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer for the current year, as well as a link to the Anglican Cycle of Prayer.

Spring Learning Event Resources

Presentation and hand-out documents from the March 2018 "Brave Conversations" Spring Learning Event at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston.

Vitality, Viability and Mutuality

A set of recommendations to the bishops and the Diocesan Council for how parishes can develop and grow.

  • Vitality: a lively and active participation in mission
  • Viability: stable and strong development and administration of finances and property
  • Mutuality: the emphasis on the interdependence of the Diocese and its parishes

Who Does What Roster

A brief directory of contacts for diocesan programs and services, listed alphabetically by topic.