Grants & Loans

Boston Episcopal Charitable Society

The Boston Episcopal Charitable Society, established in 1724 by charter from the king of England, provides supplemental financial assistance to individuals in Episcopal congregations throughout the greater Boston area and beyond through their parish priests.

Case Trust/Bristol County Fund

The Case Trust, left by the Case family of Swansea, provides funds to support the diocesan mission in the Episcopal parishes of Bristol County.

Church Home Society

The Church Home Society is an independent non-profit corporation related to the Episcopal Church. Its objective is to provide support to young persons through a program of making financial grants to both religious and secular organizations which work with and/or for young persons, and further to provide such support in other ways as may be determined to be useful by the society.

Church Periodical Club

An Episcopal institution whose goal is to “help all the world to read.”   Its ministry is to provide grants to adults and young people for the purchase of books, magazines, videos and computer programs. 

Congregational Development Grants

Congregational Development Grants are one way the diocesan budget supports worshiping communities in strengthening community vitality and deepening relationships with God. The program challenges congregations to try new programs and prayerfully reflect on current and proposed programs that nurture and reimagine congregational life.

Green Loans

Green Loans are low-interest loans of up to $100,000 that will enable congregations to make energy-efficient changes to their buildings. In a majority of cases, the cost savings from a Green Loan-qualifying program will be greater than the debt service payments on the loan, making this a budget-neutral option.  The program encourages congregations to put any additional savings toward other environmental stewardship projects.

Deanery Grants

Sending Serving Grants support programs that enhance the outreach ministries of congregations.  House of Mercy Grants support programs and projects that serve women and children in need.  Grants from both programs are awarded by vote of deanery assemblies.

Church Property Sale Proceeds

Diocesan Council is charged with determining the use of the proceeds from the sale of closed church properties.  Those seeking funding for a new or ongoing ministry consistent with the diocesan mission strategy may make a proposal to Diocesan Council for funding consideration. 

At this time, Diocesan Council is not receiving new applications due to the limited amount of money in the fund.

Diocesan Loans (Stokes Fund Loans)

This diocesan loan program provides term loans to congregations for renovations, repair and/or improvements to their church facilities.

Mission Initiatives Grants

Diocesan Convention approved a budget for calendar year 2022 that included $44,397 for initial funding for new mission initiatives. The Mission Initiatives Committee of Diocesan Council is responsible for making recommendations to Council and Convention regarding congregations, programs and chaplaincies that receive funding through the annual diocesan budget, and welcomes applications by May 1, 2022.

Mission Strategy Microgrants

“Wicked Good Idea” Microgrants:  This grant initiative invites congregations, networks and organizations in the diocese to brainstorm ideas about how to try something new in their ministry context in support of the diocesan mission strategy.

Mission Tithe Relationship Grants

Mission Tithe Relationship Grants are intended to serve as a financial and networking resource for congregations entering new relational mission partnerships. Applicants should be intentional in their engagement in a mission partnership, and their mission work should include, or plan to include, mutuality and collaboration with their global partners. Congregations are encouraged to seek resources and assistance from members of the diocesan Global Mission Commission for relationship discernment and development.

Scholarship Fund for Children of Clergy

Children of clergy canonically resident or licensed in the Diocese of Massachusetts are eligible to apply for scholarship grants for the upcoming academic year. 

Society for the Relief of Aged or Disabled Episcopal Clergy

The society makes grants to retired clergy who were canonically resident in the Diocese of Massachusetts at the time of their retirement. 

Society for the Relief of Widows, Widowers and Orphans of Clergy

The society makes grants to widows, widowers and orphans of clergy who died in the communion of the Episcopal Church and were canonically resident in the Diocese of Massachusetts. 

Special Needs Ministry Grants

The Diocese of Massachusetts has grant funds available to help congregations minister more effectively with community members with disabilities and mental or behavioral health needs, in order to foster a culture of radical welcome. 

Sustainable Development Grants

Sustainable Development Grants focus on projects that address one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  The program serves as a financial and networking resource for diocesan congregations to work with and support sustainable growth and development projects with their relational partners located in underdeveloped, isolated, marginalized, and/or under-resourced communities. Congregations are encouraged to seek resources and assistance from members of the diocesan Global Mission Commission for relationship discernment and development.

United Thank Offering

The Episcopal Church's United Thank Offering (UTO) grant program, established by the women of the Episcopal Church in 1889, funds projects which "address compelling human needs and/or expand mission and ministry." The projects must also receive support from an Episcopal or Anglican organization.