Mission Initiatives Grants

The 238th annual Diocesan Convention approved a budget for calendar year 2024 that includes a $30,000 set-aside for initial funding for new Mission Initiatives.

Diocesan Council has tasked the Mission Initiatives Committee with facilitating the grant request process and making recommendations to Council regarding congregations, programs and chaplaincies that receive funding through the annual diocesan budget under the “Mission Initiatives” category. This entails developing and maintaining applications, establishing guidelines to promote alignment with diocesan mission strategy and recommending funding.  

Additionally, the Mission Initiatives Committee receives reports, provides evaluations and makes recommendations to Diocesan Council.  Please refer to the Mission Initiatives Committee Grant Guidance document attached at the bottom of this page for additional information on the role of the committee, funding philosophy and guidance on program entry and continuing participation.

The Mission Initiatives Committee looks forward to receiving and reviewing applications for initial funding and has prepared the following guidance and instructions for those inclined to apply.  Please note that priority will be given to under-resourced congregations and eligible programs for funding during this budget year.

Parameters for prospective new grantees

  • Cannot be a prior recipient of Mission Initiatives funding: Only congregations or programs that have not received Mission Initiatives funding through the annual diocesan budget in the past will be considered by the Mission Initiatives Committee in applications for the new initiative funds. 
  • Funding for 2024: Funds have been allocated in the 2024 budget, and congregations or programs awarded a grant may also be considered for funding in subsequent years, subject to review and recommendation by the Mission Initiatives Committee.
  • Pool of funding: The maximum funding in the 2024 budget for new initiatives is $30,000.
  • Minimum request threshold: The minimum request to be entertained by the Mission Initiatives Committee for the 2024 cycle is $10,000. For smaller funding needs in 2024, please take note that Congregational Development Grants (up to $10,000), House of Mercy, and Sending Serving grants (the latter two being approved by deanery assemblies) are alternative sources of seed money for new ideas and/or projects envisioned or planned at a smaller scale.
  • Option year: The application for 2024 funding will also serve as an application for annual budget funding in 2025 (Option Year), if requested. The Option Year funding request can be less than $10,000.
  • Reporting

    Written report: All current grantees are required to submit a written report by May 30, 2024, using the reporting form provided below.

    Recorded report: All current grantees are required to submit a brief recorded report on their ministry. Guidance for the recorded submissions is provided in the Mission Initiatives Committee Grant Guidance document attached at the bottom of this page. Please submit on or before June 20, 2024.
  • Alignment with diocesan mission strategy: Any proposal/application for Mission Initiatives funding should be aligned with, and deemed capable of advancing, the shared goals of our diocesan mission strategy and ultimately should bring the Gospel to life in our time. 

Application basics

Applications should include:

  • Name of congregation and/or program
  • Address
  • Contact person for the application (name, e-mail and phone number)
  • Name of sponsoring clergy (if applicable)
  • Initial grant amount requested for 2024
  • Additional funding amount requested for 2025 (Option Year)

Application instructions and evaluation questions 

Response limit: No single answer should be more than 500 words. Materials attached that were not sought by the application or the Mission Initiatives Committee will be discarded, and the application may be deemed "non-responsive" and not advanced to further review.

Alignment with diocesan mission strategy: How does this initiative or program facilitate one or more of the following? Focus on the two where your initiative or program is in greatest alignment.

  • Inviting robust Christian formation at all points of life
  • Nurturing healthy communities where we can care for ourselves and each other
  • Sharing the Good News
  • Seeking greater unity as members one of another 
  • Committing to our own growth as people who live in right relationship with one another
  • Working together against the climate crisis
  • Influencing public policy by advocating justice for all people and for the creation
  • Communicating our collective progress toward true transformation of our ourselves and our world regularly and transparently

Needs basis and response: How did you identify the needs addressed through this initiative or program and how are you responding?

Enlivening the Gospel: How is the Gospel made alive in this initiative or project?

Administration: How is this initiative or program administered? Note that later in the application, the roster of your governing body will be sought.

Achievement of goals: How will Mission Initiatives funding help you accomplish your goals this year (and in the Option Year if sought)?

Funding: What are your other sources of funding?  Note: Other/alternative sources of funding for initiatives aligned with diocesan mission strategy are encouraged, not discouraged.

Funding plan/sustainability: What is your plan for expanding your capacity to raise funds so that you can become less dependent on Mission Initiatives funding through the annual diocesan budget?

Longer-term goals: What are the goals of this initiative or program beyond the first year of Mission Initiatives support?

Applications and deadlines

The Mission Initiatives Committee has opened the process for reporting and re-application for existing Mission Initiatives grantees for the coming 2025 budget development cycle.

  • Find the application form for new applicants here (due April 30)
  • Find the application form for existing grantees here (due May 30)
  • Find the reporting form for 2023 funding here (due May 30)
  • Submit a brief recorded report here (due June 20)


Questions may be e-mailed to MissionInitiatives@diomass.org. For assistance with any of the forms or submission of reports, please contact the Rev. Margaret Lias, Administrator for Governance and Grants, at mlias@diomass.org.