Funding from Church Property Sale Proceeds

Diocesan Council is charged with determining the use of the proceeds from the sale of closed church properties to further the mission of God through Diocesan Convention’s mission strategy.  Those seeking funding for a new or ongoing ministry consistent with the diocesan mission strategy may make a proposal to Diocesan Council for funding consideration. 

At this time, Diocesan Council is not receiving new applications due to the limited amount of money in the fund.  Pending applications will be reviewed by the council's Executive Committee and any resulting grants will be posted to this page once awarded.

Information about eligibility, the funding process and priorities and initial proposal materials are attached below.   Questions may be directed to Diocesan Council deanery representatives or to Margaret Lias, Administrator for Governance and Grants, at or 617-482-4826, ext. 229.

The first projects to receive funding under the current policy were approved in September 2014.  As additional projects are approved for funding, they will be posted on this page.

St. Stephen’s Memorial Church, Lynn (funding approved Sept. 6, 2014)
A $100,000 allocation to support a $1.1-million restoration of the historic church building and parish house, which is regularly used in the service of vital and vibrant ministries with the people of Lynn.  The overall project will address:  water incursion into the building by sealing the envelope and fixing roof drainage systems; floor replacements in the ambulatory; interior chancel restoration; and universal access.  These repairs will enable the parish to responsibly steward its building, which is one of its primary mission assets to the wider community.

Church of the Holy Nativity, Weymouth (funding approved Sept. 6, 2014)
A $50,000 allocation to support mission, outreach and other operating expense increases when the parish received most of the parishioners from the closed parish of Trinity Church, Weymouth.  In many parish closures, modest financial provisions for congregations receiving a number of parishioners from a closed parish are part of the closing process.  However, in this case, the remaining members of Trinity Church, Weymouth did not decide to gather at Holy Nativity until the closing process was complete.  This allocation attempts to make good on the council's intention for there to be modest financial provision for parishes receiving many of the parishioners from a closed parish.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown (funding approved Sept. 6, 2014)
A $60,000 allocation to support 2015 clergy salary and benefits at Good Shepherd, Watertown as it continues its revitalization efforts.  This parish was identified as a strong candidate for a multi-year revitalization effort by the diocesan leadership team in 2010.  The parish continues to grow both in size and in mission as it re-evangelizes its neighborhood, using resources provided by the Episcopal Church’s mission: engage program.