Boston Episcopal Charitable Society

The Boston Episcopal Charitable Society, established in 1724 by charter from the king of England, provides supplemental financial assistance to individuals in Episcopal congregations throughout the greater Boston area and beyond through their parish priests.

Requests for one-time grants are made by parish clergy on behalf of a parishioner by completing a brief questionnaire.  Requests are then reviewed by a grants committee and turnaround time to final approval is approximately one to two weeks.

Due to the current pandemic and to be able to help as many families and individuals in need as possible, the society is not accepting requests for mortgage or rent payments.  Currently the limit on requests for one-time grants is $1,000.

The society encourages parish clergy to let it know about members of their congregation who would benefit from the society‚Äôs help. Please contact the administrator for the society, Nina Faragher, by e-mail at