Church Home Society

The Church Home Society is an independent nonprofit corporation related to the Episcopal Church. Its objective is to provide support to young persons through a program of making financial grants to both religious and secular organizations which work with and/or for young persons, and further to provide such support in other ways as may be determined to be useful by the society.

General Guidelines for Grants

The following general guidelines for grants reflect the society’s principal areas of interest:

  • Programs that support young people between the ages of 9 and 25, and which seek to serve their needs
  • Programs that involve young people in their planning and execution
  • Pilot programs, or innovative and experimental existing programs, which are consistent with other grant guidelines of the society
  • Programs that, in their aim and execution, are compatible with the Christian view of life and society, which values all of creation as the work of God and seeks reconciliation and love among human beings

Grant Requests

The society welcomes requests for further information about the grant application and review process. For more information or to submit a grant request, contact:

Steve Pierce
The Church Home Society
138 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02111
617-482-5800, ext. 308